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Sacred Geometry Wall Wood Deco-lamp "Vega", 6 layers

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Skillful woodcarving embodies the magic lace into three-dimensional reality. Visual enjoyment of the aesthetics of light and sacred geometry opens the heart and develops consciousness through geometric patterns. The smooth flow of lines, the completeness and perfection of each individual element is maintained in a state of continuous awareness, approaching the universal fields of an elevated level where there are no concepts of space and time. Experiencing the sense of beauty in conjunction with the perfect interior solution - all this is an amazing wall lamp, created with love and enlightenment.


The advantages of the lamp:

- Eco-materials: wood, MDF, plywood, colorful acrylic enamels, acrylic varnish;

- ornament in 6 layers, 4,6 cm (1,8``) deep;

- modern ultra-precise laser cutting, which guarantees texture accuracy and clarity of the outline of the pattern;

- all layers are painted and coated with high-quality varnish;

- convenient mounts for hanging;

- the ability to control the remote control:

  • change of color and brightness of lighting;
  • speed of color change;
  • the presence of 19 built-in programs for changing colors;
  • LED controller saves the last setting;

- universal transformer for 110/220 V;

- if you are from the USA, then we automatically put the adapter into an American outlet in the kit;

- the ability to choose the color of the cable: white or black, 1,5-2 m (60``-80``) long with a standard European plug, as well as the type of plug. We will do our best, but if you did not provide this data, then we mount the cable depending on the availability in our warehousе.


The parameters of the fixtures to choose from:

✓ 56х48 cm/22’’x19.2’’
✓ 67х59 cm/26.8’’x23.6’’
✓ 90x78 cm/35,4"x30,7"


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