Sacred Jigsaw Rainbow puzzle «Insight»

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Sacred Jigsaw Rainbow puzzle «Insight»

The root causes of the constant variability of nature and everything that exists are stored within us. We are yin and yang, dark and light, heavenly and earthly. And each of us is a unique element that forms a single cosmic consciousness. Don't forget this. The author of the picture is the artist Artama.

More about fantasy puzzle:

  • a unique artifact - we are the first in the world to start making such puzzles;
  • the puzzle glows in ultraviolet light, LED and neon;
  • size 30x42 cm (11,8х16,5‘’);
  • pieces are made of durable cardboard;
  • the picture is bright and mesmerizing;
  • gloss effect.


  • the puzzle is packed in a bag made of durable synthetic fabric;
  • the picture on both sides is the same as on the unique puzzle;
  • glows in LED, UV and neon;
  • the bag can be washed and ironed in delicate modes;
  • suitable for use as a bag or gift wrapping.

Collect this glowing puzzle and you will feel incredible bliss from being involved in the creation of a psychedelic masterpiece! There is delivery all over the world.

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