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Shamanic Mushroom Wall Deco «Once In The Forest»

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One day I went to the forest and met a shaman. He had a wooden staff, a long beard, and a radiant gaze. I noticed how he was smoking a pipe and whispering something to the mushrooms. Its smoke gave birth to visions. And it seems to me that he foresaw our meeting. Drawing by Blayzee.


Details about the characteristics of the fluorescent forest backdrop:

• incredibly bright and detailed image;

• the drawing glows in ultraviolet light;

• wear-resistant and fade-resistant fabric, can be washed and ironed (delicately);

• along the edges of the fabric is stitched with a strong seam;

• the backdrop can be hung on the wall using special hinges;

• psychedelic picture will fit into the interior of any space and will become a bright accent decoration.


Can be ordered in the following sizes:

XS, compact – 75 x 53 cm (30 x 21‘’);

S, standard – 150 x 106 cm (59 x 42‘’);

M, medium – 225 x 159 cm (89 x 63‘’).


Hurry up to order a psychedelic painting on fabric with worldwide delivery!

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