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Spiritual blacklight wallart «Heart of the mystery»

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Mysterious lunar beginning yin. The ancient Egyptians respected the frog very much for its incredible ability to transform from the spawn of a tadpole into a four-legged creature. And although she is a contradictory creature, she always patronizes the knowledgeable and shares wisdom, while the sleeper himself does not know what he is giving up. Artist Tatiana Kiseleva.


Unique qualities of a mystical psychedelic painting:

  • the subject of the tapestry  is a digitized reproduction of a real painting by the artist, transferred to the fabric using sublimation printing;

  • stunning detailing of all strokes and strokes of the artist's brush and a deep spiritual message;

  • fluorescence of the image - the tapestry  glows in the rays of ultraviolet, neon and LED lamps;

  • if there are no such lamps, you will still be satisfied, because paints glow softly from the inside and create interesting visual effects;

  • high-quality materials: dense fabric will withstand wind gusts and moisture from rain; eco-friendly paints do not cause allergies, do not crack or fade in the sun;

  • the edge of the product is additionally stitched for strength and durability;

  • there are eyelets for easy hanging;

  • if necessary, use delicate washing and ironing modes;

  • great for decorating fantastic and mysterious interiors of homes or creative workshops, for the decor of psychedelic spaces and parties.


Choose any tapestry  size:

  • S, standard: 75 x 60 cm / 30 х 23,5”;

  • M, medium: 100 x 79 cm / 39 х 31”;

  • L, large: 150 x 119 cm / 59 х 47”;

  • XL, huge: 200 x 159 cm / 78,5 х 62,5”.


Bring the energy of freshness to your space, order a glowing fluorescent tapestry!


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