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Spiritual Wall UV-active Hangings "Fragments of awakening"

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The flame of delight is poured into the soul when you contemplate the unimaginable perfection of the lines and strokes of the canvas. Like stardust, moonlight and the northern lights at once illuminate your home and cleanse your mind so that you can breathe in time with the wind of the universe. The author of the picture is Goa Boom.


More on fractal fluorescent canvas:

• fluorescent coating, the canvas glows with amazing colors in ultraviolet, neon and LED lamps;

• rich colors are impressive even in normal lighting, thoughtful details of the ornament are imbued with harmony and delight the imagination;

• fabric with increased strength qualities is resistant to various weather conditions and mechanical stress (it will not fade in the sun and will not lose brightness during washing, does not wrinkle, is invulnerable to wind, moisture and dust);

• sealed product edge for increased product durability;

• durable and comfortable eyelets allow you to quickly and reliably fix on any surface;

• environmentally friendly materials: odorless, non-toxic and hypoallergenic;

• modern technology of applying the image allows you to reliably fix the paint in the fibers of the fabric, due to which the product will delight for a very long time;

• perfect for decorating a bedroom and your place of power, studio or workshop, camp at a festival or stage.


Several size options for your choice:

  • S, standard: 50 х 75 см / 19,5 х 29”;
  • M, medium: 75 х 110 см / 29 х 43”;
  • L, large: 100 х 150 см / 39 х 59”;
  • XL, huge: 150 х 225 / 59 х 88”.


Hurry up to order a meditative psychedelic UV-tapestry to consciously start your unique path on this planet! Ideal as a gift.

If you have any questions - write to us, we will be happy to help you!

Worldwide delivery with tracking.

Have a nice trip!

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