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Spirutual Visionary Art «Flower of Space Energy Horizontal»

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The divine lotus of energy blossoms in the sacred waters of the cosmic ocean, symbolizing both the Universe and human life. Enlightenment, spiritual disclosure and nirvana comes to the one who from the small spark of his soul will grow the most beautiful of all the colors of the celestial world. We are closer to enlightenment than we thought - the lotus position in meditation along with contemplation of the canvas allows us to stop the mind and feel the divinity, and the petals hug us, enveloping the spirit with satori energy. Artwork by Andrew Pronin.



- A picture with a bewitching fluro effect, glows in ultraviolet light, neon and LED lamps;

- Thoughtful strokes and color saturation of the product swirl in a whirlwind of visions even without special lighting;

- Modern printing technology (sublimated) will allow for a long time to preserve bright colors and prevent fading in the sun, as well as make the fabric resistant to washing and various weather conditions (rain, wind, dust);

- Particularly durable web material is additionally treated with a dense edging along the edges of the product;

- Convenient fasteners for hanging;

- Eco-materials are odorless and have hypoallergenic properties, harmless to humans and animals;

- Perfectly decorate any interior and will become the focus of attention of guests, will become a wonderful companion at the festival and increase the energy force of space;


Available sizes:

  • S, compact: 17,7 х 35,4 in (45 x 90 cm);

  • М, large: 39 х 78 in (100 x 200 cm);

  • L, huge: 59 х 118 in (150 x 300 cm).


You can buy this trippy psytrance wall hanging and support our artists and development of psychedelic art.

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