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Surreal Blacklight Active Wall Art «Forest Totem»

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Totems have supernatural powers, protect their owner and help in any endeavors. A colorful image of a forest keeper will become a source of peace and tranquility, as well as a wonderful interior decoration. Artist Vladimir Kamchits


Features of the UV active painting:

  • the fluorescent image glows in the light of ultraviolet;
  • contrasting and saturated colors in daylight;
  • this is a reproduction of a real painting, you can distinguish the smallest brush strokes of the author; the image is digitized for printing on fabric;
  • the latest technology of sublimation printing guarantees long-lasting bright colors of the product, it will not crack or fade in the sun;
  • can be washed and ironed in delicate modes;
  • eco-materials: paints and fabrics do not cause allergies, do not smell and are completely safe for humans and animals;
  • the poster is stitched around the perimeter for reliability, there are eyelets;
  • great decor for boho interiors, for decorating yoga studios and tea rooms, to create a special atmosphere at parties and festivals.


Choose the size:

  • S, compact: 80 x 42 cm / 31.5 х 16.5”;
  • M, medium: 150 x 77 cm / 59 х 30”;
  • L, large: 200 x 103 cm / 79 х 40.5”;
  • XL, huge: 250 x 159 cm / 98.5 х 62.5”.


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