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trippy backdrop psytrance tapestry "Infinity Dragon"

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Bright colors and stunning details of the picture will give you visual pleasure from its contemplation and will allow you to stop the endless internal dialogue. In this blessed silence, you can catch the traces of the divine touch on your soul, you can blow out of his spark, which He put into you, a frantic flame. Deep symbolism and sacred meaning come from the canvas, thanks to which the advancement on the spiritual path will be filled with joyful impressions.


Details of UV-active psychedelic tapestry:

  • glows with stunning colors in ultraviolet, neon and LED lamps thanks to fluorescent paints;
  • but even without these special lamps, the picture will delight you with magnificent colorfulness;
  • the composition of the drawing is thought out to the smallest detail; the author’s artistic plan is ideally realized;
  • the material has the qualities of enhanced strength, so that the product is very durable and easily tolerates any weather and mechanical influences, whether it be sun rays or dust, high humidity or washing;
  • by the way, the product does not need ironing, because it does not crease, which is very convenient when traveling to festivals;
  • there are convenient eyelets for mounting on any surface, and they are securely fixed to the hardened edge of the product;
  • pleasant odorless material;
  • modern printing technology (sublimated) allows you to permanently keep the picture as new and avoid cracks;
  • perfectly emphasizes any interior, will become a unique addition or a bright accent in the design of your favorite spaces.


You can choose any suitable size:

✓XS, compact: 40 x 60 cm / 15,7 х 23,6”;

✓S, standard: 50 x 75 cm / 19,7 х 29,5”;

✓M, average: 100 x 150 cm / 39,3 х 59”;

✓L, large: 150 x 225 cm / 59 х 88,6”.


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