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Festival fluorescent visionary backdrop "Terraforming"

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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop

Intergalactic travel will begin with a single glance at this magnificent reproduction. Thin lines are striking in their detail. Original of this picture was painted with acrylic paints using a brush and in this digitized form we can see even paint smears. Stunning color saturation and image volume. Artwork by Andrew Pronin.

Available sizes:

✔S, 40 x 100 cm (16 x 40 inches): curious and inexpensive option, it is convenient to take along on the road and pinpoint the interior;

✔M, 60 cm x 150 cm (24 x 60 inches): a very impressive size, turn your room into an alien landscape;

✔L, 1 x 2,5 meters (40 x 100 inches): an impressive art object, suitable for design as indoor as same as outdoor spaces;

✔XL, 1.5 x 3,5 meters (60 x 140 inches): huge tapestry, suitable for the design of psytrance or electronic music parties;

✔XXL, 3 x 7 meters (120 x 280 inches): heavy artillery, perfectly suitable for large parties and festivals.

☑ the canvas bright and attractive looks in the light of the day and glows in the ultraviolet;

☑ the picture is applied to the fabric by sublimation;

☑ pixel-free printing, highest image quality;

☑ the cloth can be washed and ironed;

☑ hinges for hanging;

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