Trippy boho UV-wall hanging "Shaman blessing"

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Let's do magic and hug the whole world with love! To feel cheerful and wonderful every day, recharge with the high vibrations of a spiritually enlightened shaman. Subtle energies of meaningfulness and impulses of awareness come from the canvas, which will help you to be constantly in the moment here and now, to enjoy life and colors around you. Bright colors will inspire you and set you up for a positive state of mind. The author - ShivaOm.


More about this visionary and mystical canvas:

  • stunning fluorescent coating, due to which the fabric glows with amazing colors in ultraviolet, neon and LED lamps;
  • saturated colors come to life even in normal and daylight;
  • modern sublimated printing reliably fixes paints in fabric fibers and keeps them bright for a long time;
  • also due to this, the product is resistant to various weather conditions (does not fade in the sun, does not fade from dust and moisture) and mechanical stresses (washing);
  • the fabric of the product has a high degree of strength, for greater reliability, the edge of the fabric is additionally sealed;
  • paints and materials are completely environmentally friendly: they do not cause allergies, are odorless, non-toxic and safe for human and animal health;
  • reliable and convenient fastenings allow fast and easy fastening on any surface;
  • this canvas is the best solution for your interior and mood!


A wide range of sizes for your choice:

✓ XS, compact: 40 x 60 cm / 15,7 х 23,6”;

✓ S, standard: 50 x 75 cm / 19,7 х 29,5”;

✓ M, average: 100 x 150 cm / 39,3 х 59”;

✓ L, large: 150 x 225 cm / 59 х 88,6”.


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