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Trippy Fractal Doom Décor Tapestry «Cosmic Buddha»

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The greatest consciousness in the form of the cosmic Buddha permeates all that exists. He fills this world, being its dark matter. He is a part of each of us and is all-embracing in space. The painting fills the beholder with wisdom and tranquility.

The author of the tapestry is Natalia Arustamova.


Details about the UV wall hanging:

✓ sublimation printing on fabric;

✓ material - synthetic fiber textiles;

✓ glows brightly and beautifully in ultraviolet and neon;

✓ can be ironed and washed in delicate modes;

✓special loops for hanging;

✓ a wonderful gift for loved ones and a remarkable accent in the interior.


Size options:

● S, standard: 50 х75 cm/20x30’’

● M, medium: 75 x 115 cm/30x46’’.


Hurry up to buy this psychedelic meditation backdrop with worldwide delivery.


Have a nice trip!

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