Fluorescent psychedelic tapestry Fluororunner.

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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop, decoration

The difference between the inner and the outer world is gradually erased. The energy that makes up and permeates all that exists, splashes out from the depths of existence, acquiring new forms and meanings. The grandiose matrix structure spreads to the horizon as far as you can gaze. Art by Andrew Pronin.

This object of visual art is presented in the following sizes:

✔S, small: 40 x 60 cm (16 x 24 ‘’);

✔M, middle: 1 x 1.5 meters (40 x 60’’);

✔ L, big: 1.5 x 2.25 meters (60 x 90‘’);

✔ XL, giant: 2 х 3 meters (80 х 120‘’);

✔ XXL, huge: 3 х 4,5 meters (120 x 180’’).

Excellent detailed drawing of all the smallest parts of the image. Decent quality of the fabric, pattern, as well as the inner luminosity of the picture.

☑ the picture is not affected by the mother nature, material can be gently washed and ironed;

☑ the image will amaze you with the saturation of colors in the light of day, and at night, in the blinking of ultraviolet lamps, will immerse in endless fractal structures;

☑ fluorescent printing on fabric;

☑ canvas can be hung at home, and used in the design of a party, yoga studio or other spaces.

A great addition to the interior or a memorable gift. Hurry to place an order!

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