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Trippy UV psychedelic backdrop «Kundalini Awakening»

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Tags: psychedelic tapestry, uv backdrop, fluorescent, psychedelic backdrops, psychedelic art, trippy wallpaper

The serpentine tangle of vital energy dormant at the base of the spine represents inner strength and psychic energy. Therefore, the kundalini energy is called «serpent power». The sacred symbolism of the interweaving of two snakes means a complete union with a partner at the level of all chakras, a unified sound of vibrations, complete understanding, trust and complement each other. The canvas will give an unforgettable feeling of warmth and sublime divine love. We wish you to find your twin flame. Artwork by the artist Ihtianderson.

 More about festival wall hanging:

- Painting with fluorescent colors, glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED. It attracts a look that is difficult to look away;

- The color saturation and brightness of colors delight the imagination in ordinary lighting;

- Particularly strong fabric and paints, the product has a tight reinforcement at the edges, and therefore will delight for many years;

- The canvas is resistant to various influences: it will not fade in the sun, can withstand washing, gusts of wind and rain, will not fade from dust;

- All materials are completely environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, odorless;

- A high degree of detail of the picture and high quality printing allow you to capture the eye and appreciate the full depth of the artist's ideas;

- The presence of hooks for hanging allows you to fix the product on any surface, making it very convenient to carry with you to nature and festivals;

- Amazingly fit into any interior of a room or studio, give the home a charm and cosiness, and in nature it will remind others of unconditional love, due to which positive vibrations will spread in space;

It looks best in a large version, but there are others:

✓XS, compact: 40x60 cm/16x24’’;

✓S, standard: 50x75 cm/20x25’’;

✓M, middle: 100x150 cm/40x60’’;

✓L, large: 150x225 cm/60x90’’;

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