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Tags: psychedelic, tapestry, fluorescent

The heart of a shaman is like the sun. Fantastic glare flickers light in space, giving life to myriad stars, enchanting and delighting. In his rays of the world’s border, when it comes to a single symphony, swirling in a whirlwind, glorify of continuous consciousness, a true essence and perfect wisdom. This tunnel of perceives waiting you to help you achieve updates and discover new facets of reality. Artwork by Anahart.

Properties of the blacklight backdrop:

- Fluorescent coating, the canvas glows with amazing colors in ultraviolet, neon and LED-lamps;

- The saturated colors are impressive even under ordinary lighting, the thoughtful details of the ornament are harmonized and delight the imagination;

- A fabric with improved strength properties gives resistance to various weather conditions and mechanical stresses (it will not fade in the sun and does not lose brightness when washing, does not crease, and is invulnerable to wind, moisture and dust);

- The sealed edge of the product for increased durability of the product;

- Durable and comfortable eyelets allow you to quickly and securely fasten to any surface;

- Environmentally friendly materials: odorless, non-toxic and hypoallergenic;

- Modern technology for applying the image allows you to securely fix the paint in the fibers of the fabric, so that the product will delight for a very long time;

- Great for decorating a bedroom and place of power, studio or workshop, camp at a festival or stage;


The sun of the shaman is waiting for you in the following options:

  • S, standard: 20 x 35 in (50 х 90 cm);

  • M, average: 35 х 61 in (155 x 90 cm);

  • L, large: 61 x 108 in (275 x 155 cm).


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