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By concentrating your attention and directing your eyes to the very essence of things, you can see more than it seemed at first glance. The picture is fraught with a colorful variety of touches and details that instantly carry away into a fantastic shamanic tale. In the Far East, the dragon symbolizes cosmic and supernatural power, wisdom, the power of the waters that carry life. He is the keeper of sacred knowledge, and is ready to share it only with the warrior of the spirit, a true shaman. Open your heart and soul to the light to become a worthy son of the universe. Artwork by Ihtianderson


More on this UV-active fractal trippy décor:

  • fluorescent paints allow the picture to glow with amazing colors in ultraviolet, neon and LED lamps;
  • you will be very pleased with the brightness and depth of colors even in normal lighting;
  • details of the image are carefully thought out by the artist, give a sense of harmony and completeness of ideas and thoughts;
  • the material of the canvas has particularly strong qualities, so the product is incredibly resistant to various mechanical and weather influences: it is resistant to the sun, wind, dust and washing;
  • does not crease, so you can safely carry it with you to various outdoor events and not only;
  • the edge of the product has additional reinforcement, which adds special strength to it;
  • reliable and comfortable eyelets are easy to use and allow you to mount the canvas on various surfaces, even between trees and even on the ceiling;
  • we use environmentally friendly materials: odorless, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, therefore the product is completely safe for humans and animals;
  • unique sublimated printing reliably fixes the paint in the fibers of the fabric, so that the product will delight for a very long time;
  • great for decorating a bedroom and a place of power, a studio or workshop, a festival camp or stage.


There is a wide selection of sizes:

✓XS, compact: 40 x 60 cm / 15,7 х 23,6”;

✓S, standard: 50 x 75 cm / 19,7 х 29,5”;

✓M, average: 100 x 150 cm / 39,3 х 59”;

✓L, large: 150 x 225 cm / 59 х 88,6”.


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