UV Active Boho Room Deco «Dance of Opposites»

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Internal and external, spiritual and worldly, creative and constructive. Don't be limited to one choice. Find balance in yourself by combining both sides of opposites. The picture was painted by Anna Andreeva.


Fluorescent hippie tapestry characteristics:

• magical glow in ultraviolet light;

• in daylight, the picture shows the smallest strokes of the artist's brush (this is a digitized image), and all the colors are very saturated;

• the backdrop can be attached to the wall using special hinges;

• the fabric is stitched along the perimeter;

• we applied the image to the fabric using sublimation printing, which allows you to wash and iron the fabric in delicate modes;

• spectacular decoration of the interior for any premises or open spaces.


Available in sizes:

XS, compact – 75 x 62 cm (30 x 24‘’);

S, standard – 150 x 125 cm (59 x 49‘’);

M, medium – 225 x 188 cm (89 x 74‘’).


Become the owner of this unique spiritual home deco! There is a delivery all over the world.

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