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UV active psychedelic acid backdrop "Trippy TV"

Product Code: Trippy TV
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UV active psychedelic acid backdrop "Trippy TV"

Just look at these fractal patterns and you will be carried away from reality. Stunningly saturated color accents seem to move along the canvas, dragging us into the depths of a psychedelic trip. Surprisingly bright colors in the light of day and a deep, volumetric glow in the rays of the fluorescent lamp. Author: visionary artist, Andrei Verner.

There are several sizes available for ordering:

✔ S, average: 75 x 50 cm (30 х 20 inch);

✔ M, impressive: 100 x 150 cm (40 x 60 inch);

✔ L, big: 150 x 225 cm (60 x 90 inch);

✔ XL, immense: 200 x 300 cm (80 x 120 inch);

✔XXL, monster: 300 x 450 cm (120 x 180 inch);


✔the image is applied to the fabric using a unique technology of sublimation fluorescent printing;

✔ dense artificial textile;

✔special loops for convenient hanging;

✔ bright colors in daylight and mystical glow in the ultraviolet.

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