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UV-blacklight psytrance tapestry "Aztec Mushroom Mandala"

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A playful mood and a good-natured attitude will sweep you from head to toe, as soon as you start looking closely at all the details of this fantastic tapestry. Lightness and bliss will settle in your space in which you decide to place this mandala. She is charged with the energies of well-being and well-being. By Andrei Verner.


Fluorescent picture properties:

  • magic glow in ultraviolet and LED-lamps, neon;
  • even under normal or daylight illumination strikes with saturated and bright colors;
  • sublimation printing on durable eco-fabric is a guarantee of the product's durability and its preservation in its original form for many years;
  • unique production for the Russian space: you will find analogues only abroad;
  • safe, odorless materials: fabric and paint;
  • resistance to sunlight (will not fade in the sun), moisture and dust;
  • easy to care for: you can wash and iron in delicate modes;
  • additionally reinforced edge of the product for increased reliability;
  • eyelets for hanging;
  • will create a powerful energy field for co-tuning to the rhythms of the universe and calm the mind, while creating an atmosphere of comfort and originality in your home;
  • ideal for decorating psychedelic parties and psychedelic spaces.


Size options to choose from:

  • S, standard: 50 x 50 cm / 19,5 х 19,5”;
  • M, medium: 100 x 100 cm / 39 х 39”;
  • L, large: 150 x 150 cm / 59 х 59”.


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