Fractal psychedelic wall hanging ES-Sense by Andy Troootootoo

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This cosmic shamanic picture is filled with tranquility and transcendent wisdom. Volumetric and perfectly traced elements make the image especially realistic. This reproduction is a digitized copy of the original work of the artist, painted with acrylic inks on canvas. Artist Andy Trootootoo.

Available sizes:

☑ M, middle: 55 х 100 cm (22 x 40 inches);

☑ L, large: 85 х 150 cm (34 x 60 inches);

Interesting about reproduction:

● dense fabric of high quality, can be folded;

● perfectly fit into the design of psytrance music parties, festivals, retreat centers or sound recording studios;

● an unusual gift for a loved one;

● convenient hinges at the corners, making it easy to hang a picture;

● possible to wash and iron it, but in delicate modes.

Incredible psychedelic tapestry can be yours, hurry to buy!

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