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Hippie psychedelic tapestry FacePlace by Andy Troootootoo

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  • Product Code: FacePlace
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Merging with a single infinite consciousness through psychedelic experience is the main theme of the artist's works. Everyone perceives his creativity through the prism of his individual experience. We are one in our diversity. The original painting was painted on canvas using acrylic paints and brushes. Artwork by Andy Trootootoо.

Interesting about reproduction:

● dense fabric of high quality, the material is hypoallergenic;

● perfect for decorating parties, festivals or yoga studios;

● an excellent surprise gift for a loved one;

● special hinges at the corners;

● it is possible to wash and iron.

Few sizes:

☑ S, small: 70 х 90 cm (28 x 36 inches);

☑ M, middle: 115 х 150 cm (46 x 60 inches);

☑ L, large: 150 х 190 cm (60 x 76 inches).

Hurry up to order a unique psychedelic artifact!

Unusual bohemian backdrop can be yours very soon. You can buy it with worldwide delivery.

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