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Wall Deco Blacklight Artwork "Golden Buddha"

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All space and essences are permeated with divine goodness, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that underwater inhabitants have their own Buddha. This picture-talisman has a powerful energy and has a miraculous power to awaken the true Self. Be calm like waters at depth, be mobile like a mountain river. The author of the unique picture is the artist Andrei Verner.


Let's take a closer look at the psychedelic UV-wall hanging:

• the fluorescent image glows fantastic in ultraviolet, neon and LED;

• sublimation printing - the latest technology that allows you to keep the picture bright, colorful to the smallest detail and without cracks;

• even in daylight or normal lighting, it impresses with the saturation of colors and visual volume;

• durable eco-fabric and hypoallergenic materials are resistant to weather conditions and mechanical stress;

• choose delicate modes of washing and ironing;

• additionally reinforced edges of the canvas and the presence of loops for hanging will allow you to easily attach to any frames;

• the luminous painting will become a delightful element of the decor of any interior, create an atmosphere of high spirituality in retreat centers and yoga studios, and impress the general imagination in festival spaces.


Several size options:

✓S, standard: 50 x 50 cm / 19,7 x 19,7’’;

✓M, medium: 100 x 100 cm / 39 x 39’’;

✓L , large: 150 x 150 cm / 59 x 59’’.


Hurry up to order an amazingly luminous boho wall deco to reach a new level of perception, please yourself and your loved ones!


Worldwide delivery with tracking.


Have a nice trip!

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