Wall hanging uv décor «Inner dawn»

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A visionary psychedelic tapestry  about the sacred and powerful force of Shakti living in the soul of every woman. The breath of life itself flies from the tips of her lips, sings manty in her voice. Meditation on a tapestry  allows you to reveal the divine fire in yourself and manifest it to the outside world. The work of the artist Nastasia Tayna.


More about fluorescent tapestry:

  • amazingly glows in the rays of ultraviolet, neon and LED lamps;

  • in the daytime - soft flickering and light “ripple” of the image;

  • image - a digitized reproduction of a real painting, high quality for printing on fabric will allow you to see all the strokes and strokes of the artist's brush;

  • sublimation printing guarantees excellent ink quality and reliability of the image - it will not fade in the sun and will not crack over time, it will withstand humidity, wind and dust at festivals;

  • durable eco-fabric material is stitched around the perimeter and is completely harmless;

  • hinges for fastening;

  • use delicate modes for caring for the product (washing and temperature conditions of the iron);

  • the picture will be a great addition to any interior, create a magical boho atmosphere in any space and energetically enhance the place for your spiritual practices;

  • one standard size: S, 75 x 54 cm / 30  х 21”.


Hurry to reveal the flame of a passionate life and many-eyed intuition – order trippy UV-active backdrop!


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