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Wood Carved Bohemian Wall Deco Mandala "Vidya" 6 layers

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Vidya means undoubted knowledge acquired intuitively in moments of sacred divine revelation. It does not require evidence and verification, it is in itself sufficient and comprehensive. Spiral motifs spin a whirlwind of mental change in space, multilayer levels of ornament expand the boundaries of perception. And let those who do not fear the gusts of the wind-test of the spirit, the wind-purifier of the spirit, gain true knowledge. In this stream of pulsating vibrations, you will find your truth and oneness with an exalted source.


Take a closer look at this wonderful decorative mandala carved in wood:

- this subject of interior and spirituality will energetically clean any space and will delight with its volumetric depth and beauty of forms;

- pleasant materials when creating: wood, fiberboard, plywood;

- the depth of the sacred ornament is 2 cm;

- high-precision laser cutting allows you to enjoy the smooth transition of lines, the clarity of the contours and the accuracy of the smallest details;

- the surface of the mandala is painted and coated with high-quality varnish for greater durability of the product;

- if you want to order this home decor in a different color version - there is nothing easier! Just write us your wishes, and we will take them into account. You will also receive photos of the final coloring before sending the order;

- Convenient fasteners for hanging on the wall.


A wide variety of Vidya mandala sizes:

✓ diameter 60 cm / 24’’;
✓ diameter 70 cm / 28’’;
✓ diameter 80 cm / 32’’;
✓ diameter 90 cm / 36’’.


Worldwide delivery with tracking.

Hurry up to order a unique meditation wood carved mandala wall deco art for yourself or for friends!

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