About Us

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Fractalika – it’s a portal to hidden parallel reality. The psychedelic side of uncharted space is revealed to us through transcendental concepts, the highest quality audiovisual art, unconventional scientific approaches, expanding consciousness communication, as well as psychedelic artifacts and clothes that we carefully found in various parts of the universe.

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We really like psychedelic art. This is our passion. The second hobby is parties, festivals and party decorations. The Fractalika project combines art and decor under its auspices. It was founded in the summer of 2012, since then we have taken part in many different festivals and parties, including event design.


We collaborate with various psychedelic artists, and the result of this interaction is impressive fluorescent paintings. The plot of the pictures is a different world that amazes you with its realism and detail. The veil of illusion is falling, and we finally begin everything as it is.


We are grateful to everyone who supports us, every like, every follower or comment is extremely important to us.


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