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About Us

Fractalika - it's a portal into the infinite psychedelic space. A different side of reality is revealed to us through transcendental concepts, high-quality audiovisual art, nontrivial scientific articles, consciousness expanding communications, as well as psychedelic artifacts and clothing, collected in different parts of the universe.

Hello friends! Our team from Russia and we really like the psychedelic art. That is our passion. Our second passion is parties, festivals and party decor. Our friends and we are engaged in the project called "Fractalika" — It unites psy art and psy deco. We are interested not only in great music, but also in visual art, organization of conceptual activities and even science. We collaborate with different psychedelic artists and the result of this cooperation are our amazing fluorescent backdrops. This backdrops are the world of fractal structures, psychedelic patterns and unusual creatures. The physical world no longer exists on the fluorescent backdrops, transformed into spiritual and mystical world. It is revealing to us the veil of ephemeral reality.

Sometimes we take part in the decoration of events, sometimes we take part in a festival fair. We have been doing this more than 7 years and in Russia it's big project with almost 100000 followers, so we decide to spread information about this project in Europe and everywhere.

Thank you, guys for supporting us! Every comment, every like, every follower are very important for us! Good vibes and pure energy for everyone!

You too have a different view at reality? Follow Fractalika, join our journey!