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Artists in Psychedelic and Visionary Art

The Fractalika project is not just a store, it is an association of creative people of different orientations. But the foundation on which existence is based is, of course, the artists.


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Fractalika Festival Experience 2019

Friends! We would like to share our festival experience in last year.

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Trippy tapestries as an essential attribute of psychonauts and psychedelic culture

Psychedelic backdrops as an element of decor. 

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Psychedelic tapestries in altered states of consciousness and meditation

In the esoteric, there are such concepts as egregors - energy-information associations, formed by thoughts, words and emotions of groups of people, subsequently separated and begin to exist independently.

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Types of blacklight backdrops, and also a way of their illumination

There are various sizes of psychedelic tapestries: ranging from the size of a small poster 50x70 cm, to maximum sizes 3x7 m, 2x2 m, 3x3 m and more. The size of the paintings depends only on the technological capabilities and imagination of the artist.

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