Incredible, exciting fractal art, psychedelic backdrop "Heaven and Hell"

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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop, decoration

This amazing canvas shines very brightly in the ultraviolet. It has excellent quality print and fabric, and visual art is at the highest level. "Heaven and Hell" will decorate any interior with a sense or thematic event. You can always look into the details of the beautiful drawing, and each time experience new sensations. An excellent opportunity to spend time in peace and think about the Eternal. Unique fluorescent printing, limited quantity, excellent quality of fabric and drawing. Art by Ihtianderson.

Available sizes to choose from:

✔M, compact: 50 см х 85 см (20"x 34");

✔ L, impressive: 1m x 1.8m (39.37 "x 70.8");

✔XL, giant: 1.5m x 2.70m (59 "x 106.3");

☑ tapestry can be washed, ironed, folded;

☑ light and compact - so you can easily take it with you on a trip;

☑ loops for hanging;

Hurry to have time to please yourself or your friends with a wonderful visual gift!


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