Wooden Lamp "Metatron Fying Crystal" sacred geometry light decor

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An absolute novelty is a pendant textured lamp that will give the interior a touch of modernity and illuminate the space with the light of Metatron energy. He is the cause of the Epiphany in the sensual world, and through himself he translates the sacred spiritual meaning of being and conscious presence. Carved on a wooden plate, geometric motifs symbolize the mechanism of the functioning of the Universe, which means that with this lamp your home will be protected and charged with energy from the Great Source.


Dimensions of projection lamps:

M: 50x25x25 cm (19,7``х9,8``x9,8``);

L: 67x35x35 cm (26,4``х13,7``x13,7``).


Lamp Features:

- At the moment, one complete set is available - a standard E27 cartridge;

- An opportunity to establish various lamps with a power up to 100 W;

- Ability to transform into a smart lamp with a wide range of functions.


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