Meditation Glow in the dark poster «Divine Masculine»

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The picturesque splendor and expressiveness of each line of the picture, the deep sacred meaning of the plot and the heartfelt intention of the author - all this will capture you headlong at the moment of contemplating the tapestry . Spiritual dust of enlightenment and healing states are born in this moment, giving beauty and happiness to life in its very essence. A beautiful painting about the sacred revelation from the artist Om Dari.


More on the mystical psychedelic painting:

  • stunning fluorescent glow in the light of ultraviolet, neon and LED lamps;

  • the image is an artist's painting, digitized specially for printing on fabric, i.e. you can see all the details of the watercolor from the brush strokes of the artist;

  • sublimation printing guarantees the ideal quality of color rendering and performance properties of the product: it will not fade in the sun and will not crack over time, it will withstand various weather conditions (wind, dust, rain);

  • stunning detail and attention to the smallest strokes;

  • durable fabric material, additional stitching around the perimeter for the fortress;

  • comfortable eyelets for hanging;

  • safe paints and fabrics are odorless and completely harmless;

  • can be washed and ironed using the delicate mode;

  • will effectively transform any interior, revive the lost positive vibrations and is perfect for decorating any space!

  • one standard size: S, 75 x 50 cm / 30 х 19,5”.


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