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Extreme high quality tapestries and great service.


It took some time for the tapestry to arrive, half of which I attribute to being in an odd location that requires customs etc. The wait (and the price) was well worth it! I got the 1.5x1.5M version. The lines are crisp and defined. The colors are vibrant and UV reactive is no exaggeration! Even with a small uv light rope, this lights up. Its truly a site to behold! One thing I hadnt realized when I bought this tapestry is that it has a 3d effect it. Extremely fascinating work of art.

--Christian Warren--

I purchased a large trippy tapestry from these guys and am very happy I did. It looks really nice works excellent under UV lights. the material is strong but silky, easy to fold and clean. also good service, always quick responses from emails. I changed my ordering priorities after i made the order and they made it really easy for me. Thanks Guys


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