Hi folks, great job u doing. I know you can´t control everything but it´s funny to find a buddhist "Avalokiteshwara" or in tibetan "Chenrezig" wich is a male buddhist form named as "Green Tara" given with some strange hinduistic explanations. Both of them are no Hindu-forms and don´t mix everything up just because you took a trip and thought "o wow, it´s all one" It isn´t. Buddhism maybe looks a bit similar but has different paths and different goals. Maybe learn something about it.



Брал светильник Sacred Love другу в подарок. Друг говорит, что очень крутой светильник ) Сам я его еще не видел, т.к. в другом городе живу и фото нет.



Wow! I just received my psychedelic tapestries and they are incredible. High quality. Material is thick and images are sharp. Works beautifully with backlights. Im putting together a room and these are perfect. Shipping to USA took a few months but it was worth it. Excellent communication as well. ☮️✌️?

--Kelly Markham--


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