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Hi People of Fraktalika! I bought a wall hanging from you a few months ago and realised I never gave you a review, so just wanted to say that I was sooooo happy with the wall hanging. I love djing for myself and wanted my room to look cool :) This tapestry looks beautiful under blacklist and in daylight, thank you for designing and making it <3 super happy! Sorry for taking ages to review, but I was looking at it and felt that it was important to do the review now given recent events, as it seems the Wall is about to come back down again soon and I won't be able to. As other human beings, I don't know who you are but I love you guys so much. I look forward to buying more lovely designs from you in the future. We will all be together again soon, but in the meanwhile, maybe see you in hyperspace <3 <3 <3

--hooman of scotland--

Доставили в день заказа, качество на высоте, всем доволен.


Great Carpet with very clear und bright colours.very nic uv effekt.really great work we love it.Thx u very much for this great Optik. We will order every Time again in this great shop


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