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I call it perfect. very fast shipping. Super unique blacklight tapestries. This art works was amazing! Exactly what I wanted. Looks so incredible when black light is on it but the colors are also very bright and vivid when not in black light. I absolutely love it, it's hanging above my bed as we speak! The quality and the look are incredibly. I can only recommend this shop.

--Geoffrey Sanders--

Very deep, shamanic and visionary art :) I am truly shocked at how high quality this is. Also good customer service. 5 stars. Thx Again!


We love our LIFE wall hanging! The colors are so vibrant and it looks amazing under black light. The product is exactly as shown in the order photo, and it looks great hanging near our front door. We get many compliments on it from our guests, and I love to gaze at it and find all the different patterns! Thank you so much!

--Megan Bice--

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