Psychedelic Blacklight active Backdrop "Cyber Ganesh"

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Introducing a multi-layered molecular tapestry that breathes the sparkling colors of space. The illusory world appears before you in a structured format that is worth striving for. After all, a man of knowledge should be light and fluid, and his thoughts are subject to will. The author of the picture is GoaBoom.


Mind-blowing details of a unique picture of psychedelic art:

• fluorescent sublimation printing: this means that the image glows in ultraviolet and neon lamps, and the canvas has the qualities of increased durability;

• eco-materials are used: paint and fabric are completely safe and odorless;

• bright acid pattern is thought out to the smallest detail and is full of spirituality and mystical symbolism;

• the image is resistant to weather conditions (sun rays, dust, rain, wind);

• even if you do not have special lamps, the image will still give you a lot of visual impressions;

• the canvas has additional reinforcements at the edges and is equipped with convenient hooks for hanging;

• to care for the product, please use delicate washing and ironing modes;

• ideal solution for any interior and for decorating psychedelic spaces.


Choose any size:

  • S, standard: 50 х 75 см / 19,5 х 29”;
  • M, medium: 75 х 110 см / 29 х 43”;
  • L, large: 100 х 150 см / 39 х 59”;
  • XL, huge: 150 х 225 / 59 х 88”.


Hurry up to buy an incredible glowing trippy canvas for your soul and as a gift to your loved ones! Sincere delight and gratitude in their eyes are provided.

If you have any questions - write to us, we will be happy to help you!

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