Bohemian Wood Lighting Decorative Lamp "Power of Spirits Cube"

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Originating in the epicenter of a light crystal, the greatness of the spirit of a warrior streams in iridescent reflections into the atmosphere. Dazzling sparks and spectral colors form unique geometric patterns and create amazing optical mirages. One glance at the rays and projections of the lamp is enough to bring back peace and blessed silence. It’s so easy to draw an analogy, the crystal is so substance of the soul. So they become a man of knowledge. The lamp housing is made of wood.


Extensive size range of fixtures:

S: 16x16x16 cm (6,3``x6,3``x6,3``);

M: 25x25x25 cm (9,8``х9,8``х9,8``);

L: 32x32x32 cm (12,6``х12,6``х12,6``).

Varieties of fixtures by configuration:


- Remote control of the phone via Bluetooth (Android and IOS);

- Magic color palette - 16 million shades of RGB;

- Synchronization of music and light - color change to the melody;

- Up to 20 programs;

- You can connect up to 7 lights simultaneously;

- The presence of a timer for programming the on and off time;

- Charging and powered by USB.


- The control panel of the lamp is on the case;

- A dizzying gamut of colors - 16 million shades of RGB;

- Built-in 20 systems for changing colors;

- Power and USB charging.



- Soft warm light, pleasant to the eyes;

- Economical and environmentally friendly power consumption;

- Power and USB charging.

When ordering, you can choose the function of the built-in battery with more convenient battery life up to 14 hours (LED, RGB and Smart options).

Hurry to please yourself with the images and highlights of a unique night lamp with worldwide delivery!

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