UV Active Impossible Puzzle «Kundalini awakening»

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UV Active Impossible Puzzle «Kundalini awakening»

Serpentine interwoven energy is concentrated at the base of the spine in the Muladhara chakra. Kundalini has a mother nature. The awakening of this power grants a feeling of bliss and a state of liberation from the cycle of rebirth. Art by artist Ihtianderson.

Fluorescent unique puzzle properties:

  • magic glow in UV, neon and LED;
  • surprisingly bright and detailed picture;
  • uniqueness - we are the first in the world to start producing glowing puzzles;
  • 300 pieces;
  • size 30x42 cm (11,8х16,5‘’);
  • eco-friendly material - durable cardboard;
  • gloss effect.


  • the puzzle is packed in a bag made of high-quality dense synthetic material;
  • there is a drawstring;
  • the picture, like on a sacred puzzle, is applied on both sides and also glows;
  • multifunctional bag - it can be used to store your belongings or as a gift wrap.

Treat yourself to the twin flame of sublime Kundalini energy! The glowing puzzle can be ordered with worldwide delivery.

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