Blacklight Mandala Glowing String Art "Cosmic Flower"

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The mysterious beauty of a multi-level cosmic flower blooms in the millennial and timeless space and fills nature with the freshness of the universe. Contemplating this blessed picture and calming the mind, plunging into the center of the fractal mandala and wandering through the tunnels of the interstellar portal, the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your personality are restored. So there is alignment with space. This is how a return to true self takes place from the worries of everyday life. The author of an amazing work is the Psychometrika creative team.


Distinctive characteristics of the trippy tapestry:

  • sacred drawing - an artistic tandem of fluorescent threads, carnations on a frame made of foam (solid, porous and lightweight material) and black foam board, framed by a beautiful wooden frame;
  • a backlight of 21 UV diodes with a standard European plug for 110/220 V is integrated in the frame;
  • if you are from the USA, then we automatically put the adapter into an American outlet in the kit;
  • product width 5 cm (2’’);
  • convenient and reliable mounts for hanging are located behind the frame;
  • stunningly saturated colors of the day in the light of an ultraviolet lamp acquire a fabulous and even mystical glow;
  • the picture will be the perfect complement to your interior (room, studio, workshop, cabinet), protect your place of power and transform the look of any surrounding space: from club events, tea and hookah, and to festival events in the fresh air;
  • we carefully treat all the materials that we use to create the canvas, as well as securely pack the goods before shipment.


Various sizes:

✓ S,  30х30 cm (12x12’’);
✓ M,  40х40 cm (16x16’’);
✓ L,  50х50 cm (20x20’’).


Hurry up to order this unique psychedelic artifact – spiritual wall hangings! For an order or for other questions do not hesitate to write to us.


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