Fractal made of threads, sacred meditative painting "Inner Harmony"

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Inner harmony lies in a relaxed state of consciousness. And her achievement is part of God's plans for you, and therefore she will certainly enter your life. The fractal fluorescent mandala soothes the mind, instills a sense of confidence and balance upon contemplation, and attunes to higher vibrations. And the world becomes open to you, bestowing all the blessings.


Characteristics of the unique meditative string art mandala:

● product width with frame: 5 cm (2’’);

● fluorescent pattern of threads glowing in the ultraviolet is fixed on hubnails. Basis: penoplex - a porous but solid material, then a layer of black foam board, harmoniously completing a wooden frame, ready to hang thanks to special loops;

● built-in backlight from five UV diodes with a standard European plug for 110/220 V;

● if you are from the USA, then we automatically put the adapter into an American outlet in the kit;

● can be used in the design of both home or night club, festival or yoga spaces;

● in the daytime, we can see bright saturated colors, under the light of ultraviolet, a magical and deep glow of colors is revealed;

● we securely pack before shipment.


Create an amazing picture for you in any size:

✓ S,  30х30 cm (12x12’’);
✓ M,  40х40 cm (16x16’’);
✓ L,  50х50 cm (20x20’’).


Hurry up to order this unique psychedelic artifact - trippy wall deco! For an order or for other questions do not hesitate to write to us, friends!


Worldwide delivery!

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