Trippy Abstract Blacklight Active Carpet «Trishula»

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The raging energy of the god Shiva is concentrated in his inseparable attribute - the Trishula trident. This powerful force, capable of creating, constructing and destroying, is the primary law by which the entire universe exists. Singing mantras or meditating on such a carpet can open up new facets of inner possibilities in a practitioner, giving balance and peace of mind. The sacred drawing was created by ShivaOm.


More about the luminous carpet:

  • unique and striking design;
  • rich colors and elaborate details of the drawing;
  • mysterious glow in UV, neon and LED;
  • carpet with soft short pile, which is pleasant to walk on;
  • on the sides it is sewn with braid;
  • with two edges have a fringe;
  • durable and easy-care material that can be easily cleaned with a regular vacuum cleaner;
  • suitable for wet cleaning;
  • the drawing will not fade over time;
  • it will not slide on the floor, as there is a rubber substrate;
  • 3-4 millimeters thick.

Two sizes for choice:

  • M, medium – 100 x 100 cm / 59 x 59’’;
  • L, large – 150 x 150 cm / 59 x 59’’.


UV home decorative rug with the image of trishula will magically complement the interior of a place of power, a bedroom, a living room or an area for creativity, charging the entire surrounding space with its energy. Hurry to order with delivery anywhere in the world!


Have a nice trip ॐ

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