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The eternal calm of space and the sparkling joy of life will accompany you all the time that you contemplate this amazing artifact. Place this heavenly dome in your bedroom and you will have only serene dreams. Artist - Andrey Werner.

More about this psychedelic decoration:

• Features petals that stretch in all directions, allowing for versatile positioning.
• Crafted from durable and elastic supplex fabric.
• Illuminates beautifully in LED, neon, and ultraviolet lighting.
• Offers vibrant and long-lasting colors that won't fade over time.
• Equipped with carbines, providing secure attachment for each petal.
• Includes a sturdy rope for fastening the awning to the surroundings and unleashing your creativity with custom designs.
• Easily washable in a washing machine using a delicate cycle and suitable for ironing at low temperatures.
• This canopy serves as an impressive psychedelic decor for home parties, chill-outs, mini-festivals, while also adding a unique touch to gardens and summer cottages as a sun canopy. It can equally enhance the ambiance of rooms and stages, creating a captivating atmosphere.

The dimensions are as follows:

✓ XS – diameter 4 meters (158’’) and 6 petals;
✓ S – diameter 4 meters (158’’) and 12 petals;
✓ M – diameter 8 meters (315’’) and 6 petals;
✓ L – diameter 8 meters (315’’) and 12 petals;
✓ XL– diameter 11 meters (434’’) and 6 petals;
✓ XXL – diameter 11 meters (434’’) and 12 petals.

All dimensions are after stretching the fabric.

Attention: the awning is made to order, and the production time can be up to 2 weeks.

There is delivery all over the world.

Hurry up to order an incredible UV Active ceiling decor, create a playful mood!


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