String art mandala, Thread Art, Spiritual painting «Look into infinity»

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The mandala is an incredibly harmonious symbol that plunges the viewer's consciousness into contemplation, brings calm and harmony. This sacred ornament symbolizes the universe and the whole diversity of life forms in it. This thread picture will be a wonderful decoration for your interior and an attractive art object for your guests.


Details of the psychedelic madala from luminous threads:

  • a sacred pattern of fluorescent threads is fixed on nails. Basis: penoplex - a porous, but solid material, on top is a layer of black foam board, a wooden frame at the edges of the picture, rear mounts for hanging;
  • bright colors in daylight and rich colors in neon or ultraviolet rays;
  • built-in backlight from UV diodes with a universal European transformer 110/220 V;
  • if you are from the USA, then we automatically put the adapter into an American outlet in the kit;
  • product width 5 cm (2’’);
  • this type of decor is suitable for the design of club parties, home spaces, yoga centers, tea houses, recording studios;
  • reliable packaging when shipped by mail, worldwide shipping.


Infinity Mandala is available in the following sizes:

✓ S,  30х30 cm (12x12’’);
✓ M,  40х40 cm (16x16’’);
✓ L,  50х50 cm (20x20’’).


Hurry to please yourself or your friends with an excellent visual artifact, buy this wall hanging with worldwide delivery. For an order or for other questions do not hesitate to write to us, friends!

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