Esoteric tapestry UV Reactive «Picture of Power»

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The psychedelic canvas is based on images existing in eternity. It personifies birth, life, awakening of the soul, unity with nature and outer space. The artist Anna Shabyrova created the painting at a special period of her life. The plot contains powerful force and the culmination of the path. The contemplator finds the way to self-knowledge, to his own happiness, he is filled with harmony and joy.


Fluorescent canvas properties:
•    this is a reproduction of a real painting, so you can see all the strokes and strokes;
•    rich and detailed drawing;
•    high-quality printing on eco-fabrics;
•    bright colors with a fluor effect, the picture glows in neon, ultraviolet and LED;
•    there are loops for hanging;
•    can be washed in a delicate mode, the paints will not fade or crack;
•    fits perfectly into the interior of a bedroom, a place of power or a meditation room.

Available in two sizes:

  • XS, compact – 37 x 50 cm / 14 х 20’’;
  • S, standard – 75 x 100 cm / 29 x 39’’.

Dilute the energy in your home with a powerful glowing painting! You can buy this visionary art object with worldwide delivery.


Have a nice trip ॐ

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