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Meditation glow in the dark poster "Underwater Kingdom"

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The mysterious world of the underwater kingdom is replete with mysteries and events. Contemplating the canvas, it is so wonderful to indulge in dreams! The magical charm of the undines and the seductive mystery of aquatic civilizations will help calm the mind and provide an incomparable visual pleasure that will surely continue in dreams. The author of the painting is Andrei Verner.


Details of the amazing wall hanging UV-dеcor about the underwater world:

• UV-active image glows brightly in ultraviolet, LED-lamps and neon;

• dazzling colors fascinate even without special lighting and in daylight;

• many components will not let you get bored with the canvas, and it will always delight you with a carefully thought out composition;

• sublimation printing keeps the image in its original form for a long time, therefore the contours of even the smallest details will always be clear;

• the cloth is resistant to sunlight and moisture, but please choose delicate modes for washing and ironing;

• the product has additional reinforced and stitched edges, as well as convenient hinges for easy attachment to various surfaces;

• hypoallergenic materials: fabric and paints are completely safe for people and animals;

• This painting is the perfect solution for your interior, for a festival or club space, workshop or studio.


Sizes available for order:

✓ S, standard: 50 x 100 cm / 19,7 x 39’’;

✓ M, medium: 75 x 150 cm / 29,5 x 59’’;

✓ L, large: 100 x 200 cm / 59 x 78,7;

✓ XL, impressive: 150 x 300 cm / 59 x 118’’.


Hurry up to have time to please yourself or your friends with a unique visual psychedelic artifact!


Worldwide delivery with tracking.


Have a nice trip!

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