Fluorescent Blacklight String Art "Petals of Life"

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Hugs are very important in our life, but we feel special, incomparable bliss and pleasure when we feel that Life itself is stretching out its open palms towards us, full of abundance, hugging and warming us with the light of an endless universe. The sacred geometry of the mandala of the Petals of Life, embodying the greatest sacred spaces, unfolds, bewitches and renders transformative healing to a grateful spectator. And not only the interior of the surrounding space is being transformed, but also the soul of the keeper of this artifact.


Details of a unique UV Wall Art:

  • the ornament is created from fluorescent threads that are stretched between carnations; based on penoplex (porous and lightweight, but durable material) and black foam board; beautiful wooden frame;
  • built-in backlight of five UV diodes with a European villa for 110/220 V;
  • if you are from the USA, then we automatically put the adapter into an American outlet in the kit;
  • product width 5 cm (2’’);
  • the colors of the threads are very saturated in daylight, and in the ultraviolet light they delight with a deep magical glow;
  • rear mounts for hanging, so you can take a picture with you anywhere;
  • will attract general attention when decorating the interior of a home, creative workshop or studio;
  • beneficially affects the emotional state in yoga studios and retreat centers, cafes, tea, hookah;
  • creates a relaxed, friendly atmosphere at festival events;
  • we carefully and carefully reliably pack the product before shipping.


We will produce for you with love in various sizes:

✓ S,  diameter 30 cm (12’’);
✓ M, diameter  40 cm (16’’);
✓ L,  diameter  50 cm (20’’).


Hurry up to order this unique psychedelic artifact – fluorescent wall art! For an order or for other questions do not hesitate to write to us, friends!


Worldwide delivery!


Have a nice trip!

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