Psychedelic UV Wall Art "Anahata Mandala"

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Anahata-chakra is a kind of energy center of our entire being, which is the connecting link between the animal component of human nature and the divine principle. And it is precisely for its stabilization and strengthening that the most efforts are required. Holiness and inspiration come when the heart chakra vibrates in time with the Dharma and the laws of spiritual harmony. This mandala will become your talisman on the thorny path to spiritual enlightenment and an indispensable element of the cosiness of the psychedelic interior.


Distinctive features of a stunning picture of luminous threads:

  • built-in backlight of five UV diodes with a European plug for a 10/220 V power supply network;
  • if you are from the USA, then we automatically put the adapter into an American outlet in the kit;
  • the mysterious ornament is made of threads glowing in ultraviolet, stretched out by carnations of honey; the basis is foam (modern porous, but solid material), and on top is black foam board;
  • the picture is framed by a beautiful wooden frame;
  • the presence of mounts for hanging with a secure fit;
  • width of the picture is 5 cm (2’’);
  • rich colors are impressive even under ordinary lighting, thoughtful details of the ornament are harmonized and delight the imagination;
  • can be used for decoration of various spaces - home interiors, club or festival events, yoga studios or recording studios, retreat centers, cafes, tea rooms, hookah rooms;
  • we want you to enjoy and enjoy the contemplation of the picture, because we pack the goods securely before shipment.


Choose the size and we will create a miracle for you:

✓ S,  30х30 cm (12x12’’);
✓ M,  40х40 cm (16x16’’);
✓ L,  50х50 cm (20x20’’).


Hurry up to order this unique psychedelic artifact – meditation fluorescent string art! For an order or for other questions do not hesitate to write to us, friends!


Worldwide delivery!

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