Luminous curtain with mandala «Divine portal»

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The gates to the transcendental dimension open to the one who has cognized the original truth. This portal becomes a bridge to the inner deity, and the road itself reveals new facets of understanding one's own "I". Get to know the unknowable, peering into the intricacies of the mystical space pattern. The drawing was created by Ihtianderson.


Psychedelic UV-active curtain has the following properties:
•    glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED;
•    the drawing is impressive and rich even in the daytime;
•    extra dense blackout fabric, which does not let the sun's rays through;
•    easy to clean;
•    hypoallergenic;
•    pleasant to the touch;
•    wear-resistant - the fabric does not shrink during washing, does not stretch, does not deform, and the pattern will remain the same bright even after years;
•    curtain tape is suitable for different types of hooks, including horizontal cornice;
•    you can wash at temperatures up to 40 degrees and low spin speeds, as well as iron in a delicate mode.


Available in size:

  • XL, huge – 150 x 300 cm / 59 x 118‘’.


Fluorescent gypsy bedroom deco unusual manner adorn the home or at the festival site. It will become a bright accent in the interior, which will undoubtedly attract the admiring glances of guests. Hurry up to order with worldwide delivery!


Have a nice trip  ॐ


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