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Shadow Sacred Geometry Lamp «Тоrus Crystal»

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  • Product Code: Тоrus Crystal
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This mandala night lamp will create an amazingly beautiful picture of distant space. Constellations shimmer with a rainbow, delightfully bright galaxies wink at the suns, transferring to the quiet world of the divine meaning. The function of changing colors to the rhythms of music will create a wonderful symphony of sound and light.

Dimensions of projection lamps:

S: 16x16x24 cm (6,4’’х6,4’’х9,6’’).
M: 24x24x36 cm (9,6’’х9,6’’х14,4’’).
L: 35x35x48 cm (14’’х14’’х19,2’’).

Variations of Crystal Series interior lights:

- 16 million shades of RGB;
- Remote control from the phone;
- Application for Android and IOS;
- Light performance to the beat of the music;
- More than 20 standard programs;
- Ability to simultaneously connect up to 7 fixtures;
- Built-in timer;

- Standalone battery for 14 hours;
- Power and USB charging.

- Case management;
- 16 million shades of RGB;
- More than 20 built-in programs;

- Standalone battery for 14 hours;
- Power and USB charging.

- White warm LED;
- Economical power consumption;

- Standalone battery for 14 hours;
- Power and USB charging.


The housing of all lamps is made of wood.

The option of a built-in battery with up to 14 hours of battery life is available on all LED, RGB and Smart luminaires. You can select this option when adding a lamp to the basket.

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