Trippy Wall Art DMT «Santa Madre»

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Tags: fluorescent, psyart, psychedelic

All the tenderness and love of the world rests in the arms of the Mother Universe. She will accept you anyone, whether you are tired or lost, stumbled or cry for help. She will erase the sorrows from your soul and give transformative healing. Under the cover of her invisible gaze, anxieties burn out and sparks of inspiration are born that can restore your unity with the source of creation. And remember that Life is always on your side. Artwork by Anahart.

Features of the psytrance tapestry:

- The canvas has a fluorescent coating and glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED-lamps;

- The contrast of the color palette will surprise the imagination even in ordinary lighting;

- Durable fabric will withstand any weather test (sun, wind, humidity, dust) and washing, pleasing as on the day of purchase;

- The edge of the product is additionally strengthened and equipped with fasteners for easy hanging on any selected plane;

- Used only environmentally friendly materials without harm to the environment and the owner, non-toxic and odorless;

- The modern technology of sublimation printing contributes to the durability of the ink fixing in the fibers of the fabric, so that the image does not crack;

- Remarkably emphasize the interior of the studio or workshop, the camp at the festival or stage;



Many sizes available:

  • XS, 29 х 22 in (75 x 55 cm);

  • S, 37 х 27 in (95 x 70 cm);

  • M, 59 х 47 in (150 x 120 cm);

  • L, 79 х 59 in (200 x 150 cm);

  • XL, 118 х 92 in (300 x 235 cm);

  • XXL, 177 х 138 in (450 x 350 cm).

You can buy this blacklight active backdrop and support our artists and development of visionary art.

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