Psychedelic Tapestry Hippie Room Decor «Barong»

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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop, decoration

Visionary painting is an extraordinary trend in psychedelic art, with the help of which it becomes possible to convey deep feelings. The picture reflects the struggle with the internal demons that takes place inside each of us. Aggression and rage, which finds expression in something beautiful, if emotions are lived consciously and processed. On which side attention is on the other side and there will be victory. But in the end, we understand that there was no struggle, no parties - everything is a single infinite consciousness. Artwork by Andrei Verner.


About the backdrop:

● dense synthetic fabric;

● eyelets for hanging;

● glows in neon and ultraviolet light;

● can be pulled onto a subframe.


Several size options:


✔XS: 58 x 100 cm (23 x 40’’);

✔S: 88 x 150 cm (35 x 60’’);

✔M: 116 x 200 cm (46 x 90’’);

✔L: 146 x 250 cm (58 x 100’’);

✔XL: 174 х 300 cm (70 х 120’’);

✔XXL: 350 х 605 cm (140 x 242’’);


 Hurry up and buy this stunning festival uv decoration!

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