Spiritual fluorescent tapestry «Reincarnation» (Vertical)

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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop, decoration

A powerful and energetically charged backdrop, which strikes with its brightness of colors and the drawing of details. The central character attracts the eye, it breathes calm, purity, fullness and awareness of its essence. The picture seems moving, and the elements are alive and moving, they are so voluminous. Artwork by Ahankara.


Available in the following sizes:

✔S, standart: 75 x 50 cm (30 x 20’’);

✔M, medium: 1 x 1.5 meters (40 x 60’’);

✔L, big: 1.5 x 2.25 meters (60 x 90’’);

✔XL, hefty: 2 х 3 meters (80 х 120’’);

✔XXL, huge: 3 х 4,5 meters (120 x 180’’).


• sublimation printing on fabric;

• high-quality dense material;

• the image glows in UV and neon;

• perfect for home decor and club spaces;

• can be washed and ironed;


Hurry up to buy this excellent visual artifact!

Enjoy ॐ

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