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Psychedelic trippy blacklight active tapestry "Sacred Cobra".

Product Code: Sacred Cobra
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Psychedelic trippy blacklight active tapestry "Sacred Cobra".

In tradition, the snake is a powerful symbol of kundalini energy, wisdom, growth and development. The trinity of cobras on the canvas denote the symbol of Trimurti - the unity of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Do not also forget that everything is one: the observer, the process of observation and the object of observation. The highest divine wisdom attends those who manage not to identify themselves with the worldly wisdom. Let this mystical canvas help you to keep from duality, but, at the same time, slightly shift the assemblage point. The author of this painting is Anahart.

Many different sizes:

✔S, compact: 60 x 90 cm (24 x 36 inches);

✔M, medium: 100 x 150 cm (40 x 60 inches);

✔L, huge: 150 x 225 cm (60 x 90 inches);

✔XL, impressive: 200 x 300 cm (80 x 120 inches);

✔XXL, hefty: 300 x 450 cm (120 x 180 inches).

Incredibly strong and energetically charged cloth.

Excellent print and fabric quality, good tailoring and incredible fluro-effect!

☑ fluorescent sublimation printing;

☑ the brightest colors in daylight and saturated deep glow in the ultraviolet;

☑ you can hang it over at home, as well as take it with you to open-air or to travel;

☑ the tapestry can be washed, the colors are not affected by water or sun, the material is hypoallergenic;

Hurry to please yourself or your friends with an excellent visual artifact!


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