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Forest mystical boho tapestry «Night Owl»

Product Code: Night Owl
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Price: $48.85
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Forest mystical boho tapestry «Night Owl»

Owl is a dual symbol, symbolizes wisdom and knowledge, but at the same time - dark forces and occultism. Owl has the ability to see in the dark and leads a nocturnal lifestyle, so the bird is an indispensable participant in shamanic rituals. This canvas perfectly complements the home interior, bringing in it a note of wild forest and mystery, or it will be an excellent decoration of your camp at the festival or open-air. The author of this painting is Russian artist Anahart.

Few different sizes:

✔S, compact: 60 x 90 cm (24 x 36 inches);

✔M, large: 100 x 150 cm (40 x 60 inches);

✔L, huge: 150 x 225 cm (60 x 90 inches);

✔XL, hefty: 200 x 300 cm (80 x 120 inches);

✔XXL, monster: 300 x 450 cm (120 x 180 inches).

Details about the picture:

☑ glows in UV;

☑ dense, high-quality fabric that is suitable for stretcher;

☑ you can iron and wash it.

Choose the right size and hurry to purchase this magical backdrop!

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