UV Active Trippy Psychedelic Tapestry "Space Travelers"

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This amazing tapestry is a reflection of the microverse. Here is the interweaving of energies, the smallest particles and patterns of their interactions. Gain awareness of the “whole” and “constituent” by contemplating the magical creatures at the backdrop. Artwork by Andrew Pronin.

More about the UV wall hanging:

• fluorescent image, glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED;

• in daylight, surprisingly bright eye-catching colors;

• the pattern is applied to the fabric by sublimation printing, which makes it unusually bright and clear;

• magnificent detail and thoughtful composition of the picture, the abundance of shades and small strokes amazes the imagination;

• the picture is stitched around the perimeter, there are special loops for hanging;

• can be ironed and washed in delicate modes;

• perfect for decorating parties and festivals, as well as for home interiors.

You can order any size option:

✓ S, compact – 40 х 70 cm / 16 х 28’’;

✓ M, medium – 85 x 150 cm / 34 х 60’’;

✓ L, huge – 150 х 265 cm / 60  х 106’’;

Hurry to buy this unique visionary tapestry! There is delivery all over the world.

Have a nice trip ॐ

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